Why Not?

On Monday, Nikki and I met my mother on the Square for dinner. Nikki really wanted to go to South Depot, which is a local place akin to Moe’s or Chipotle. We all decided to get a Burrito Bowl, which is your choice of toppings in a salad bowl. View my concoction below:

The contents: rice, black beans, grilled chicken, spinach, cheese and corn salsa. It was ridiculously yummy, though the spinach just kind of wilted and clung to everything else. I picked it because I had not eaten a leafy green that day and you know what they say “Leafy green a day, something something…just eat it, it’s good for you”. Nikki had them top hers from queso and I had to bite my cheek to keep from doing that myself.

Last night I met with some other guys from my Sunday School class at Handy Andy. We decided that it was high time that the husbands had a regular meeting together for some guy time and accountability. I am very excited about doing this. So excited in fact, that I queried the group as to possibly naming ourselves. My pick was the “Refined Gentleman’s Club” because in my mind our meetings look like this:

Someone countered me with “Don’t you mean Refined Gentlemen’s Club” to which I responded “That sounds too much like a strip joint.” I tried to sell my name by giving it a double meaning: “Because we’re refined, but we are also in the process of refining our lives and marriages and what have you.” Needless to say, we still don’t have a name.

Yesterday Tina posted a blog about her “Why”, as in why she decides to live a healthy life. I have touched on my “why”s as before, and a lot of them match up with hers: for my family, to respect the temple of the Holy Spirit, and so on. The more I thought about her post, I tried to think of what would be the opposite of your “Why”. I thought “In my short season of trying to live healthier, what is the phrase that could encapsulate my dietary transgressions?”

The answer is simple when you think about it.

“Why not?”

“Evan, do you want your own pint of ice cream?”

“Why not?”

“Evan, do you want chocolate sauce to dip your vegetables in?”

“Why not?”

“Evan, they have a challenge at this restaurant where if you eat a 20 lb hamburger and 5 lbs of fries in 30 minutes you get it for free! You want to try it?”

“Free food? Heck yes! Why not?” Oh, wait I know, because right now I can choose not to eat that burger and live through the night! And that didn’t cost me anything either! You know why they have those challenges? It is so they can charge you $50 when you don’t finish in the allotted time limit! Face it, unless you are Kobayashi you are not going to finish that burger.

To give you a recent “for instance”, after I achieved my goal of not drinking sodas from Thanksgiving to New Years I toasted with a Coke. Then that little voice crept up and said “Evan, don’t you need a coke to get you through the day?” “Why not?” Now, I am back on my coke a day habit and am struggling to quit.

Why not? is a dangerous question for our sugar ladened minds friends. Sure, it may make your life risky and exciting, but do we really want our diet to be risky and exciting? That’s the kind of thinking that leads to buying a chicken salad sandwich out of a vending machine in a truck stop bathroom. The reason Why not? is such a dangerous question is that it is the exact question that our lazy minds want us to ask! We are so used to saying Why not? to every rotten food choice that we have beaten our willpower down to a shoulder shrug. Our minds want to do what makes us comfortable (I learned this from the book Working Out Sucks) and will always answer Why not? to the question “Is it ok that all I want to do when I come home is change into my pajamas and lay on the couch with a sleeve of Ritz crackers and a block of Sharp Cheddar?”

I encourage you today to find your “Why”s and leave the “Why not”s on the couch eating Funyuns and watching some drivel that comes on ABC Family. I promise you, they’re no fun to hang out with.

P.S. I wanted to tell you guys about something really cool that is happening in our community. A friend of mine, Lori Fox, is having to take special Chemo Treatments that require her to travel back and forth to Houston, TX. Her and her husband Joel have two kids and live on a fixed income, so these trips are very hard on their family. A group of their friends have gotten together and decided to throw a fundraiser in her honor. It will be Monday, February 13th at Taylor Grocery from 4:30 – 7:30. There will be plate dinners, a silent auction, and I have even heard tell of a bake sale. It’s going to be a great event and I encourage everyone in the area to swing by. You can find out more information on the Benefit’s Facebook page here. Also, if you don’t live in the area and are interesting in making a donation, you can contact me via email: evanwilliams25@gmail.com