Empty Bowls

I decided that I would take a shower last night; instead of my usual in the morning fifteen minutes before I have to leave for work spritz. Reason being…


Whole wheat waffles to be exact. The extra time allowed Nikki to get the hour long shower she enjoys, while allowing for time to make a delicious breakfast. And, I got to sleep all that time. Here’s a quick shot of the recipe:

We’ve changed a few things to make them a little healthier – we used whole wheat flour and Nikki tells me that she uses less sugar.

How beautiful are whipped egg whites? Something about them makes me want to dip my hand in and make a fake beard.

For lunch today, I was able to take part in a very cool charity function that we have in town:

Empty Bowls.

It is a really cool fundraiser where you pay a $15 donation, go into a beautiful Fellowship Hall in the OU Methodist church, pick a bowl and then pick a soup that was donated by local restauranteurs. Here is a shot of the different soups that were provided:

I decided to try to eat like a vegetarian for once so I picked the Sweet Potato Soup from Boure.

The very nice lady in a power pantsuit kept heaping soup into my bowl to an almost obscene level. I felt bad that I couldn’t finish eating my soup at an event called Empty Bowls! I felt like a gluttonous member of the¬†bourgeoisie. The soup was very creamy and very spicy. I wish I knew more about what was in it, but I did not want to be that guy at the charity event. There was a sign on the marmite (look it up, I did!) that said “gluten free” which is a buzz phrase and that made me feel trendy.

Of course, it could be that I picked the largest bowl (that also had a handle) on the table.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the best part! The bowls are all made by local artists (some University students) and you get to keep them! That bowl is worth $15 at least.

I just realized that all of the information I just shared with you was on the poster that I posted earlier in this post.

I think I have become redundant.