Sour Cream Smiles

Sometimes my job gets a little blurry; meaning that my eyes are crossed and I have been sitting in one spot, staring at paperwork and computer screens for too long. So, I take little breaks and walk around the office, doodle on paper, and sometimes doodle on my own finger! I did this so that every time I looked down I would see a smiley face and remember how happy I am to even have a job. What little things do you do to get through the day?

Lots of fun was had this weekend. We went over to my brother’s house on Saturday and watched Moneyball and ate these nachos that my sister in law made:

Mine look a little messy, from the sour cream, but there is a lot of goodness here: blue corn chips, corn, kidney and black beans, refried beans and cheese. Thank you, Nikki, for being my Vanna White for this picture. The movie and food were great.

We finished one movie, then headed over to the theater to see The Descendants. I am still trying to figure out the overall underlying metaphor, but I would definitely recommend this movie to those who like more independent fare. One word of caution: the language is pretty bad at times.

At one point during the day my brother and I had a conversation about eating habits. We talked about how we try to remain strict during the week and prefer a more lax diet on the weekends. I have found that this is not a structure that works for me, per se. For one, I found out on Monday that I had again gained three pounds last week! I made a joke earlier in the week that my pants were becoming loose, and I was worried because I can’t afford to buy new pants, so I think I am just going to gain all my weight back. I didn’t mean it Lord! I have learned my lesson about having a lax attitude. It is especially bad when things like the Super Bowl are going on and all I want to do is eat nachos and pizza rolls and cookie cakes (Williams family tradition).

Now I guess you know why I was out sick from work yesterday, I had a food hangover! Random question: what are your sick day rituals? Since we have all seven seasons, I usually watch Gilmore Girls all day. You can make fun of me all you want, but this is one of my favorite tv shows of all time! It was well written, hilarious and it always makes me feel better while I am sickly. A bonus is the fact that I have seen all of the episodes so many times that I don’t worry if I fall asleep.

I told you all of this to say that I am going to try to get more systematic about my diet. I found that, if I want to lose weight, I need to eat around 2400 calories a day. There is also a guide in the Working Out Sucks book that helps you figure out what the percentages of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats you need to eat a day. I am going to use all of these resources to come up with a firm plan for my daily eating. Once I have this in place, I will share it with you guys.

I think that I have also found my first 5k of the year: The Racing for Paws 5k at the Batesville Springfest. It is on Saturday, May 19th. I am hoping that that will give me enough time to train. I am really hoping that by this race, I can jog the full 5k without walking. I’ll keep you posted as to how that goal is shaping up.

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