Buddy Fruits! (GIVEAWAY) – Updated 1/25/12

I used to love Gushers as a child.

Do you remember those? They were little fruit snacks that had juice in the middle.

I am sure there was zero nutritional value in Gushers, which is probably why my mom wouldn’t let us have them very often. That is why I was so excited the first time I bit into Buddy Fruits!

These nutritious snacks remind me of Gushers in the best way. In fact they’re better because each pouch contains a single serving of fruit.

That is why I was so excited when they agreed to send this display out to me for review.

Nikki is a huge fan.

The display had three types of Buddy Fruits. There were the fruit snacks:

The fruit pouches:

and their newest product – Fruit Smoothies.

Here is a shot of the nutrition facts for each one (in the same order) for those that are interested.

This is the Pomegranate and Acai fruit snacks pouch.

The Apple and Cinnamon fruit pouch.

And the peach smoothie.

These are really great snacks. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty here: these are marketed towards children. That being said, this grown, 29 year old bearded man loves them. The other day I was feeling the 10:00 hunger headache so I pulled out the peach smoothie pouch that I brought, downed it in five minutes, and it was smooth sailing to lunchtime.

I can imagine that these would also be really great for moms on the go. Each different type of snack is re-sealable. As for saving a little bit for later…

Very hard to do.

Like I said before, I have had the fruit snacks before and knew they were delicious so those were gone very fast.

But, I was a little apprehensive about the liquid fruit pouches.

I had seen them in the grocery store, but was wary about what was in them.

The best thing I can compare it to is Apple Sauce. Basically it’s go-gurt for Apple Sauce. Let’s call it Sprint Sauce. Nah…that doesn’t work. Fast Fruits, maybe? The texture is like apple sauce, but they come in many different flavors. For my review, I tried the apple cinnamon flavor.

Turns out my apprehension was ill founded because the pouches are very good. The Apple Cinnamon one tastes like a spiced Apple Sauce, maybe even a little like apple pie filling. Even though they don’t have to be refrigerated, they taste fresh. You are supposed to refrigerate them after you open them and Nikki and I both agreed that they taste better cold. The only complaint I have is that it is hard to get all of the fruit goodness out of the pouch. I used my squeeze-from-the-bottom toothpaste skills to try to get it all out and managed to fling it across the room. That might be a negative for mothers, if in fact they don’t already have worse things flung across their rooms.

The smoothies are also excellent. They are smooth and creamy. I tried the peach one for this review. When I took my initial slurp I was hit with an intense peach flavor that I didn’t expect. I didn’t feel good about one of the ingredients being “sweetened condensed skim milk”,but when put in perspective it is still a much better snack than ramen noodles or a can of ravioli. I am definitely guilty of snacking on both of those (when I was an adult, of course. My mom would never allow that). The grams of sugar in each may be shocking, but when they make this claim on the back of their pouch –

I worry about it less. If all of the sugars come from fruit then I consider it a good type of sugar. I am not suggesting that you feed it to your kids four times a day, but as a mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack you really can’t beat this all natural, healthy, gluten free Gushers alternative.

Now to the part you are all waiting for!


Since Buddy Fruits was kind enough to share their products with me I am going to pass the love on to you guys, my loyal readers.

The lucky winner will get everything in the above picture: one fruit snacks pouch (If I can keep Nikki’s grubby hands off of them), three (Sprint Sauce, Fast Fruits) liquid fruit pouches, and two smoothie pouches. Also, to sweeten the deal, I will send the winner the original Magnificat sketch from this post.

I will sign the sketch and include a personal note. Isn’t that swell?!

All you have to do to enter is fulfill these three requirements:

  1. Like Heavy Evan on Facebook
  2. Like Buddy Fruits on Facebook
  3. Leave a comment on this post telling me you have liked both pages and tell me your favorite childhood snack and a possible healthier option

*Bonus entry – share this giveaway on to your friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter and post a link in the comments showing me you’ve done so.

If you just “don’t do Facebook” then tell me that in your comment and I will give you credit. If I find out later that you do have a Facebook profile, I will publicly shun you. Also, if you have already liked Heavy Evan, just give Buddy Fruits a like and let me know that in your comment.

So, get to liking and commenting! You have until this Sunday, January 29th at midnight to enter. I will then tally up everything, assign it a number and try to find one of those random number choosing thingys on the interwebs.

(Full disclosure: I was sent the entire display for free from Buddy Fruits for review. I was not, however, required to give a positive review. Those are all my own feelings folks! When have I not been honest with you?)

Also, if anyone has any concerns about the healthy aspects of these snacks (after seeing the nutrition facts) please sound off in the comments! I am really not an expert on figuring out those things.

**UPDATE (01/25/12) Just heard from my friends at Buddy Fruits and they said that they would be happy to send a sample out to the winner of the giveaway. That means that the winner will receive all the great stuff that I received from them (you can see it in the above pictures). This is great news friends! I will also still send the winner the wonderful Magnificat sketch and personal note from me, whether they want it or not! Don’t forget that you can get a bonus entry by sharing this giveaway with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. 

24 responses

  1. I liked both things on facebook and my favorite childhood snack was ritz crackers with butter on them, no wonder I have cholesterol issues. That was a Frank Payne invention.A healthier alternative would be plain wheat thins.

  2. You know I’m not on Facebook and I would rather have these good snacks go to your other faithful readers, but what would I have to do to at least get a signed copy of the Magnificat sketch??????????

  3. I’ve liked both pages! My favorite snack was cheese and crackers. Still is. I have been trying to eat natural almond butter (Justin’s rocks) on apples, but it’s hard to overcome the need for cheese!

  4. Chik-fil-a now has a healthier kids meal with grilled chicken and buddy fruits apple sauce. I’m pretty excited about this since we often take them there to use the indoor playground.

  5. My all time favorite snack was fruit roll ups. The flavors were amazing and you could punch out cool shapes and letters. My healthier option would be to add protein. Maybe add a piece of string cheese or a small handful of mixed nuts.

  6. I have liked your page as well as the Buddies page!

    My sisters and I always fought over the “Easy Cheese” and crackers, or chips, or anything else that we could think of to put it on. I guess string cheese would be the healthy option these days!

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    • They make veggie chips? Fascinating! I have started eating baby carrots in place of chips at meals where I would eat chips. The effort required to chew a carrot basically works off the calories! That last part may not be true.

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