Bedroom Disco (not a euphemism)

This morning Nikki and I were half awake and talking in the bed when she said, “Alright, I’m getting up.” I looked at her and said, “Well then I’m getting down!” I then preceded to dance (still lying down, mind you) and hum “do do dum, dum de do do”.

She was not amused.

Possibly because it was 4 AM.

Last night Nikki and I felt like making brinner. I folded some organic chocolate chips in with my batter.Delicious.

Nikki had to go out of town today for a training exercise so my friend Kaleb came over for a Lord of the Rings-a-thon. We are attempting to watch all three extended edition films in one day. We are currently on The Return of the King and while it has been great fun, I am getting a little sleepy (4 AM, anybody?).

Also, since we are having a guys hang out day, we are enjoying typical guy hang out food. Chicken biscuits for breakfast and pizza rolls for lunch. I see more pizza rolls in my future as well. That is not to say that all of my choices today have been poor. Kaleb and I are both fond of hot tea and he graciously brought his big jar of tea.Wary readers will spy Aragorn on the tv in the background. Well, I guess you all will since I just told you.

I decided on a Lipton Green Tea bag with Raspberry and Red Goji. It was good, but a little bitter. I had to stir in a pack of stevia to make it to the bottom. I now have enough caffeine to make it through this last movie.

The Arwen love story scenes are now over so I am going to give my attention back to the television. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


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  1. Arwen, a mere footnote. Also, although I wouldn’t have been able to make it at 4:00 am to watch LOTR, I would like to join in another marathon sometime!

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