This one’s for Caleb

My friend Caleb told me that my posts have been depressing him.

He says that I am way too hard on myself about eating Oreos.

Look, I get it. To the outside observer I may be too hard on myself, but I have to be. It is the only way that I can get better. If I thought it was easy for me to control myself around sweets I wouldn’t take it very serious. I really don’t mean to be depressing, because I am not depressed. I am just trying to be honest about how I feel about my eating and hopefully encourage others.

But, he does have a point. I can see how this would be depressing to read over and over again. That is why I am going to start off with a joke.

Not too long ago our pastor used Luke 1: 46-55 in a sermon. This passage is a song that Mary sings to Elizabeth while the former is pregnant with Jesus and the latter with John. The subtitle for this passage in my Bible is “The Magnificat“. This is a beautiful Latin term that means “my soul magnifies”. On this particular morning, however, this was all I could think of: I know. He looks like a Scottie dog. This is why I write more than I draw. But, wouldn’t the fact that he has a Scottish accent make him even more magnificent?

Nikki and I both work for state entities. She is a teacher and I work at the University of Mississippi. That means we both got off for two weeks for Christmas. It also means the last time we got paid was December 20th. Thankfully, I get paid bi-monthly so I am getting paid again tomorrow. If we both got paid at the end of the month I don’t know what we would do. This is a meandering way of saying we have been low on funds for a while and my meals have been very gray lately.

Case in point-today I ate a peanut butter sandwich, cut up carrots and half a sleeve of saltines for lunch. The saltines were an accident. They were left in the car by my wife (who didn’t eat the soup I gave up sacrificially yesterday while I ate two bags of pretzels from the snack machine) and I was afraid they’d go bad. Probably another way I trick myself into eating more than I should. I am so worried about wasting food since people all over the world go to bed hungry. This is no reason to eat a third of a cake.

Tonight Nikki made these awesome quesadillas:Black beans, peppers, onions and cheese in a whole wheat tortilla. Delicious. Although I am trying to think of ways to spice them up. Maybe something I can do to the beans? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Well Caleb? How was that one?


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