I Don’t Know

I have a confession friends. I have no idea what to write today. Oh, and apparently our house is haunted! What is that light blur by my hand?! Surely it’s not just the reflection of the light on my recliner! Now I know at what Gawain has been barking.

New Year’s Eve was a ton of fun. 

Our friends the Rogers’ came over and we played games while New Year’s Rockin’ Eve played in the background. Have you ever played Cranium? It’s quite fun. You should have seen Kaleb and I moving each other like puppets. Sadly, we made it to the end but missed the last question. The girls crept up and won the whole thing! Then we played Super Mario Yahtzee and Ticket to Ride.

My wife is a wonderful and thoughtful person. When we were at Kroger one day last week she put Coke in our cart. “What’s that for?” I asked quite quizzically. “Me!” she shot back, definitely defensively. I didn’t notice though, that she didn’t drink any. When it came time to toast, she poured us two glasses of Coke (in crystal goblets we got for our wedding and used for the first time that night). I was simply agog. She listens to her husband.

I made it to New Years and then I drank a glass of Coke. I thought I would have one of two reactions: really great or disgusting. It was neither. It was just a Coke. Which really shows how much emphasis we put on silly things. I drank a few more glasses on New Years day, but have now sworn it off again. I am not saying that I will never drink one again, but I can definitely live without it.

Our friends the Grays (who I have been telling you about periodically) had their babies! We got a message at 7:30 Sunday morning saying that they were on their way. Riley Kate and Kaylee Ann Gray were the first babies born in 2012 here in Oxford. How awesome is that! We can’t wait to see them and plan to go by tomorrow after work. I am very much looking forward to it.

I am planning a very interesting post for tomorrow. I want to delve into Seasonal Affective Disorder and how I felt a twinge of it today as I got dressed for work.


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