About New Year’s…

Why so sad Chewbacca ornament?I think I know why. Christmas time is over. It really hits me when I start putting up the Star Wars ornaments. It’s over. We took down all the ornaments, took the tree apart, and got shed of it all (I don’t know if everyone knows this expression. It basically just means “to put stuff in the shed”). My living room is empty and my heart is full. It was an absolutely wonderful season and I hate to see it go. I will eagerly await next years Christmas. Who knows what that will be like? So many things can change in a year.

Anywho, the last two days were spent hanging out with friends and making some good food decisions and some bad ones.

We spent Thursday with our friend Meagan. For lunch, the girls went into town and got Chicken Tortilla soup from McAlister’s for us to share and I made grilled cheeses (is that the proper plural for grilled cheese?).Then, that night, we went to Como to meet Meagan’s boyfriend and ate dinner at the Windy City Grille. I had a very nice salad with turkey, bacon, toasted almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette. I am sorry I didn’t take a picture, but I couldn’t get my phone out during trivia for fear of disqualification. That’s right, it was trivia night and we didn’t even know that upon arrival. There were some very smart teams there, but I think we came in fourth and I am pretty proud of that.

Friday night was spent playing Rook with our friends the Barnes’. Kim and I actually beat Kevin and Nikki for the first time in the history of our card-playing centric get togethers and I was pumped. I overate though, and I am not proud of it. I have realized that I can not be around a “snack” plate or I will graze like an eager cow. I woke up very groggy this morning and realized that I needed to get this thing back on track. What’s the best way to do that?Dusting off the old juicer. I had some produce in my fridge that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with anyway, so this was a win-win situation. In the mix:All this crap.

So, I have resolved to be more resolute in the coming year. Here is what I would like to do:

  • I want to participate in many 5ks, but this time I am determined to do one without walking at all. I want to become an accomplished enough runner that I can run a whole 3.whatever miles without stopping. This is going to take a lot of work and a plan. I am going to get started on that soon. I will keep you update with my progress
  • I want to read a lot more books. I planned to read twenty in 2011 and only made it through 14. That’s not bad, but I hope I can read at least 30 in 2012 (by the way, if you are Goodreads, look me up! You can find me here). And I want to actually finish a book about health this year instead of getting halfway in, getting bored, and re-reading Harry Potter.
  • I want to keep up the walking the dogs regimen. We have been doing fairly well since we have started, but I want to make sure we walk them at least once a day. I am in charge of their well-being, and it is downright cruel to force them to sit in this tiny house all day.
  • I want to be more content. God has blessed me so much with a nice job, a great house, and many amenities, yet I still spend half my time daydreaming about more. I want to be still and know that He is God and stop running in place. That made sense in my head.

That’s a lot to live up to, and I am going to do my best (which is not much) and lean on the Strength of God to make the rest possible. As always, you can follow my progress on this humble corner of the blogosphere.

I want to leave you with a video that blew me away. I am a huge fan of Bon Iver and am in love with the self-titled album that came out earlier this year. When my brother asked me why I love it so much I said “It makes me see colors”. I think this video best encapsulates my feelings. 

Happy New Year’s!


7 responses

  1. I like the music video, even though I had never heard of them. Those are some very good goals, and I know you can do it. I want to do a 5K too–but walking. I don’t think my knees will allow running, at least not according to my doctor. My other goal is to become a life time member of Weight Watchers. That has been my goal every time I have re-started Weight Watchers (and I’m ashamed to say how many times that has been). If I continue at my current pace, I should be able to reach that goal by summer. I will not quit this time. I will not quit this time. I will not quit this time.

  2. So many things in this post! I LOVE your Star Wars ornaments. We didn’t have a tree this year, but I felt the sadness that goes along with putting everything up when I read your post. Let’s say we initiate a Christmas in July holiday and bring out the good stuff then! Also, I LOVE Windy City Grille! The Chicken Alfredo pizza is so good, but I bet the salads are too. And Como Steakhouse? Forget about it!

    Your goals are great! When my leg heals (I’m starting to think I might have seriously injured myself), I’m going to get back to the 5K program. Maybe we can work toward a race together? Speaking of races, I only read 15 of 40 books in my Goodreads goal. I had to adjust to 20 for 2012.

    Finally, did you know there are actually people who can hear in color? I think it’s more involved than my description, but it’s called synesthesia. Fascinating.

    • Thank you Blair! There is so much in your comment.

      I would love to do a race together. Let’s get together and plan.

      I have never heard in color, but that is definitely on my list of things to look up while bored at work!

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