Will a Corgi in Motion remain in Motion?

A quick recap of the last couple of days:I ate breakfast for every meal yesterday.

Waffles for breakfast, cereal for lunch and biscuits, eggs and bacon for dinner.

Nikki loves waffles.

I, unfortunately, realized that I can no longer eat like this. Now, I did indulge with planning. I didn’t have near as much of each meal as I usually would have. There was no vegetable or fruit in any of these meals, and that is becoming a disturbing vacation trend for Evan. I am going to juice in the morning and try to clear this mess up a little bit. I have been having gas and stomach problems ever since I changed my diet. Sorry if that is too much information, but I wanted to be honest with you guys about how my body reacted to this change. I do not regret eating this way, nor am I going to beat myself up about it. I just have to work harder to sneak in some fruits and vegetables between the holiday meals.

After the waffles we played Phase 10 Masters, a gift of Nikki’s from Santa this year (thanks Santa!)That hand wasn’t a good one. I definitely lost and am not a Phase 10 master.

I finished the day with a banana, hoping to settle my gurgling gastro-intestinal system.

I woke up this morning and had some more cereal, because I didn’t feel like making anything else. It did not curtail my stomach situation though, which actually got worse as the day went on. Nikki and I decided to take the dogs for a walk, which is something we want to get in the habit of anyway. That was too much of a loose hold and Gawain almost got away from me while taking that picture. Here’s a few more:We always have to walk behind Nikki and Max or Gawain will always stop and wait for them. I guess he needs a goal to walk towards. Rocking the sweats.

The walk went very well, except the boys want to stop every twenty feet and mark something. They claimed our entire neighborhood for themselves during a 20 minute walk.

That’s all until after Christmas my friends! I love you all and thank you for supporting my little blog thing since I started. It really helps to hear from you all and be encouraged to keep going. I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy the time spent celebrating the birth of our Savior and celebrating the blessings each of you and your families have received throughout the year.

I’m off to watch my favorite Christmas movie: The Muppet Christmas Carol

Then enjoy another Christmas tradition: dancing to Kenny Rogers’ “Planet Texas”

I usually do this with my brothers, but we are not together this year. I know they will be pelvic thrusting with me in spirit.

God Bless us, everyone!


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