There We Went A’Wassailing

I forgot to tell you guys something.

While we were eating the Italian Sausage and Peppers the other day, we watched Meet Me in St. Louis.Excellent, excellent movie. When we got towards the end of it Nikki asked “Why is this a Christmas movie?” The only answer I could come up with is because there are several scenes that take place around Christmas, and that this movie was the debut of the song “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas”(which was sung by Judy Garland. If I wasn’t already in the Christmas spirit I am definitely in it now).

Yesterday we spent most of the day with our friends the Rogers. Nikki and Lisa left the house so that Kaleb and I could work on something special (more on that as the Christmas season progresses). We met the girls for lunch at Lenny’s sub shop. I got a little more sub than I should have, but I do not regret it. I got a large sub and the guys wrapped half of it to go so I could eat it for dinner. During the meal we spoke about how we are all trying to get healthier and Lisa told me that my blog had inspired her to create one of her own – you can find it here (Oh, an aside. Another one of my dear friends has also started a healthy eating blog, that you can find here). I am very excited for her and for you dear reader, because she is an excellent writer.

Last night we went to church and I have to admit, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. However, upon my arrival I found out we were going caroling! Nikki helps with the youth and the children’s department wanted to get all of the youth and children and go sing carols for homebound church members. When we got to the first house I was nominated to lead us in the carols, which was fine by me. I have never been more proud of my fellow church members, or felt as good as I did last night. I absolutely love Christmas and this just really bolstered my Christmas spirit. We sang at a few of the elder ladies houses and then we went over to sing to Heather. You guys know about Heather because I have spoken of her in previous posts. She is our friend who is having twins and has been on bed rest for at least two months now. Well we started singing to Heather and she started crying. It took everything I had in me to keep from crying myself. I love getting to celebrate the birth of Jesus with church members who love each other so. I wish Christmas was all year long. Sigh…


I received a package in the mail from Amazon that perplexed me. When I opened it I saw two items on my wish list. Nikki kind of cocked her head and said “Did you buy something?!” I really didn’t remember doing so and upon closer investigation of the packing slip I found a note that said “Wanted you to have something to open closer to Christmas. Love, Santa (Thanks Santa!). Here is a picture of the packages contents:Ever since this has been opened I have had “Alone at Christmas” in my head. Also, if you like bluegrass then you owe it to yourself to get Chris Thile & Michael Daves’ Sleep with One Eye Open. You will hear things done on the mandolin and guitar that you only thought possible via mandolin and guitar playing Jedi robot.


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