Vacation Evan

I told you the other day that the toast with Almond Butter was the last healthy thing I had that day. Here’s what I had the rest of the day: a hamburger, fries and italian sausage with peppers.

I went to Handy Andy with my friend Skip for lunch on Monday. I felt like I had been so good in the past couple of weeks and I needed a treat (like the hamburger and fries weren’t enough). I got two orders of fries. I am shamefaced. I think at this point in the samurai movie I would have to fall on my sword to save my family’s honor. Look, I know I give myself a hard time, but it is really because I know how deep the rabbit hole goes. I don’t want to fall down there again. So I have to be really strict with myself, and I haven’t been because if I do one good thing I expect one bad thing as a reward. That is such backward thinking, but at the moment I feel it’s genius. I think it might be because I focus so much on my emotions when I eat and let them guide me as far as what I eat. I hope that I can get to the place where eating is just something I do to live and not something I live to do. Does that make sense? I feel like it should be needlepointed on a pillow somewhere. 

For dinner Monday night we had Italian Sausage and Peppers from the Peas and Thank You cookbook. I think I may have blogged about this before, but this is one of our go-to dishes. It has a very large yield and we can eat it for dinner and then have it for lunches for several days afterwards.

 Oh, and the sausage is veggie sausage. I never thought, in all my life, that I would eat and enjoy fake sausage. But I was wrong. It is actually very good.

I had a problem with the dish this time though, and that is because Nikki had not chopped the peppers very small. I always have a hard time eating vegetables if they crunch. Is that weird? For some reason, I just don’t like the texture or the way it feels when I eat it. It just seems wrong somehow. I powered through it and made a happy plate.

I don’t know how much I will blog the next two weeks, my friends. I am on vacation until January 2nd and I just don’t know how interesting my activities will be. I will do my best to at least post every other day, if not every day. Also, I have encountered vacation Evan today and I am not proud of him. He has not made very good food choices and I hope that I can do better. I know it is going to be very hard because I don’t have a structure. A work day gives me a great structure to base my eating around. When I just sit all day I am more likely to gravitate to the kitchen and eat something terrible for me out of boredom. Thankfully, there is not bad food in the house. But, like I told you before, I have made some crazy concoctions when there is no food in the house. I know for a fact I have mixed Nesquik with all kind of foods I am not proud of. Pray that I have the strength to keep doing well for myself and my future family. I want to come out of this losing weight by the New Year. So that my resolution will be to lose more weight instead of lose weight in general.



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  1. I have been thinking about doing the couch to 5K program too, starting in the new year. I want to be able to run the March for Babies race instead of walk it this year. Let me know if you want an acountibili-buddy. (Hi diddly ho!). Maybe we can keep each other on track.

  2. It’s always more difficult to make good food choices when you’re staying in the house and bored. Try to think of any kind of activities, inside and outside, that will take your mind off food. It could just be taking a walk down the street or playing frisbee with the dog.

    We all know that positive reinforcement works. We love to be rewarded for doing something good or making good choices. I heard this long ago and it’s something that helps me. Make your reward for making good food choices something not related to food. It could be going to a movie or buying a book (or something else inexpensive).

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