Grandmama’s Mac N Cheese

So…there has been a lot of working late around here lately. Not just me, but my mother-in-law too. Which means that we have been watching Caitlin for her. And, since Nikki has been sick, I watched her by myself last night. We had a good time! Mostly her texting and me watching How I Met your Mother, but a good time nonetheless. Caitlin had put in some baked potatoes for us, but it was going to be a while and since I knew they have been to Williams Brothers in Philadelphia recently…I had a cheesy appetizer! Good old fashioned hoop cheese. A big ol’ circle of red wax that they cut for you fresh. And boy, is it good. I don’t know why it tastes differently, but it totally does. Oh, and I ate some carrots too. Didn’t want you to lose faith in me.

Today I had some more Cake Batter Cashew Butter for breakfast and then went to eat with a friend. We went to McAlister’s and I had a Veggie Sandwich on Pita Bread. This is becoming a new favorite. I was really craving a burger today because things weren’t going well at work. I think that is why my subconscious suggested I call this particular friend because we used to go get burgers together all the time. But, I decided to bargain with myself. I couldn’t get a burger, that was too unhealthy. Then I remembered McAlister’s famous sweet tea and decided that I would get a veggie and some sweet tea. It was great and the feeling of victory was even better. Do any of you guys use this strategy? I know that sweet tea may not be the best thing for me, but it is better than a coke and definitely better than a burger.

Nikki stayed home again today so I thought I would make dinner for us. I called her and she said that she really wanted some Mac and Cheese. I didn’t really want to get the box kind, because it is processed and the “cheese” is an orange powder (visions of this 60 Minutes expose danced in my head). So I decided to make my Grandmama’s recipe.

So good I must make up a new word for it – scrumtrulescent. Here’s the recipe:

1 box/bag of elbow macaroni (I like Barilla because it has an interesting shape with ridges. It’s the little things.)

1 can of Evaporated Milk (fat free if you want to feel better. It worked on me.)

1/2 stick of butter

1 cup of cheese (wait…1 cup! I put in a whole bag! Oops.)

salt and pepper to taste.

Bring a pot of water to a boil and then add your macaroni. Boil it for about ten minutes or until the macaroni is floating at the top and soft when you squeeze it. Just don’t reach into the boiling pot to squeeze it unless you are trying to cheer up your bored, sick wife. When it’s ready, drain the macaroni and shake a couple of times til reasonably dry. Add macaroni back to the pot and put in the 1/2 stick of butter. Stir until melted. Add evaporated milk until soupy. I used the whole can, but it is probably better if you use a little less. Keep stirring. Then add the salt, pepper and cheese to your heart’s desire. Let cool for a little bit and then enjoy.

It is not the healthiest concoction in the world, but is a good dinner option in a pinch. Even though the macaroni and evaporated milk aren’t the freshest ingredients, I still feel like I did better than buying shells and cheese in a box. Next time I will make my own macaroni and then milk a cow and set up some kind of contraption that will allow me to heat up the milk and catch the evaporation. I am hoping it will form some kind of milk cloud that I can then siphon.

That must be the most ridiculous sentence I have ever typed.

How do you think I did with my food choices today? Sound off in the comments below! I forgot to mention that I also had some Buddy Fruits and a Larabar for my 10:00 and 3:00 snack, respectively.


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