He’s on Vacation

I have been away for an embarrassingly long time. I apologize. I have many excuses for this which include work and what not, but that’s not relevant. Let me try to bring you up to speed on my life since my last post.

We had another birthday celebration for my lovely wife, this time with her family and friends. This cake was present and I chose a banana. Score one for me (with jealousy).

We went to a wonderful Christmas concert that was put on by the First Baptist Church of Oxford. It featured a full orchestra and choir. I really got into the spirit during this concert. Here is the list of songs that were performed:The children’s choir did the Charlie Brown Christmas version of “Christmas Time is Here”. I was very excited by this and hopped in my seat a little. No lie, the kid sitting directly in front of me glared at me in disgust. Nikki prepared this vegetable dish from a bag. It was very good. Here is a shot of the Nutritional Info:I was proud to find that we have a good option to go to in a pinch. It ain’t great, but we used to eat a Digiorno pizza in a pinch. So, I’m fine with this option.

I worked late a lot this past week. We all got new computers and I was in charge of setting them up for everyone. I learned two things: people have very different computer habits and I would make a horrible IT person. I have absolutely no patience for people in regards to technology. I think this may be because I always grew up with computers and just think they should be easy. We switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 and some of my co workers took to this like an unfrozen caveman to a Rubix cube. I literally had one woman shout to me “All my stuff has disappeared” only to go over and show her that she just minimized the window. She looked at me like I was some kind of wizard. I guess that part felt good. Evan the White has a good sound to it.

This weekend we went to Wetumpka, Alabama, to spend time with my side of the family. Since we are spending Christmas day with my wife’s family, this was our time to open presents and what-not with my family. They have a festival there called “Christmas on the Coosa”, named for the adjacent Coosa River. There are all kinds of vendors set up in tents, car shows, a 5k (my parents and brother participated) and a 12k (my sister in law Sam did the 12k. Woohoo Sam!), which all culminates in a boat parade on the river with fireworks following. The star of the boat parade is supposed to be Santa coming in on water-skis, but he was suspiciously absent this year. We found out the next day that this was due to a “personnel dispute”, which is probably government speak for “Santa showed up drunk”. Here’s a few pictures for you:Nikki and I got glow sticks at the parade, which I made into bracelets. I thought it would be cute if I took a picture of us holding hands with these on, and the above picture is what I got. Even though all you can see are the glow sticks, I still like it. This was the Christmas tree by the river. I really love this tree. I am going to replicate the star on top for our tree next year. The exact same size and everything. My living room will shine like the surface of the son. Beat that Gundersons (our fictional next door neighbors. I really don’t know what our real neighbors names are)!

After the parade we went back to my cousins house for dinner. We had Chicken Tortilla Soup and Chili. Here is my bowl of Chili:I have not yet broken the habit of putting an entire sleeve of saltines in my chili. What can I say? I like the texture. I think I also put some cornbread on there. I was on vacation.

Speaking of that, “I am on vacation” seemed to be the theme of the weekend. I used it as an excuse to eat worse than I normally would. I went to the Shoney’s breakfast bar with my aunt and uncle (even though I had already eaten breakfast), I ate the Chicken Tortilla Soup and the Chili, and I ate a metric ton of Panda Puffs cereal. I was using this to satiate my desire for the one thing that characterizes holiday indulgence in my family:The Christmas Candy. That’s right, that tub is chock full of candy my friends. My grandmother made this for us all our lives. Then, right before she passed away, she taught my sister-in-law how to make it. She made peanut butter balls (chocolate covered) and turtles. My sister-in-law has added Oreo balls, which are a force of nature.

My sister-in-law and I talked about this, and I knew it was coming. She was sweet enough to ask me how I felt about it since she knew I was changing the way I eat. We decided that the candy could be a “planned indulgence”. I thought that was a great idea, then I took the sweet tooth challenge. Friends, I didn’t succeed in avoiding this temptation. I caved and actually ate two pieces. But, I steeled my resolve and wrapped the rest up and put them in the freezer. You will find those wrappings crumpled up next to me on New Years day. I will say that I am very proud of myself for sticking to the no carbonated beverage part of my challenge. I have not touched one since I started, and don’t really miss them.

Santa brought me the following in my stocking:Mrs. Claus must have him on a diet too! I have never tried the Buddy Fruits before, but am eating them at this moment. I would have to compare them to Gushers because they are juicy and delicious. The little mason jar was filled with Cake Batter Cashew Butter. I can’t wait to try this! Here is another view:Ooooooo, sprinkles!

Hope you had a great week! Things are settling down for me now, so I should be back to posting regularly. I really missed it, as well as the encouragement from all my faithful readers.


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    • Thank you, I agree! I think I will invest in some nose plugs for the next one. It is better if I just don’t smell it. Jeff tried to tempt me with alligator, but I didn’t even flinch. Mostly because the idea of it disgusts me.

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