It’s Random

Nikki makes really good amazing quesadillas.But, I should probably give the props to my sister in law, who came up with the recipe. The only thing Nikki added was green and red bell peppers, because unlike my brother I enjoy eating “bugs”. We are crawling (read: we’re poor) to pay day and eating whatever is left in the pantry. We had tortillas and black beans which broke open some sort of mind door where my sister-in-law’s recipe resided. That was a really weird metaphor, but go with me.

I have gotten kind of stale in my work lunches-I pretty much eat peanut butter sandwiches with a fruit or vegetable. What do you guys eat for lunch? Any suggestion that doesn’t involve Hostess Brand Suzy Q’s would be appreciated. I survived on those five times a day in the months leading up to my marriage. I kind of wonder what is in the cream filling now that I saw this video from Sixty Minutes: Creating Fantasy Flavors

That really made me think. Also, I have read over half of The End of Overeating and it was very good. For some reason I can’t finish a book that is full of scientific information. I am very intrigued, but just end up napping a lot. Also, it is hard to read the book after my drool causes the pages to stick together. Don’t let that deter you though, because it is really informative and eye-opening. This exact paragraph is why I would make a horrible reviewer of things.

To round out this random blog post I would like to tell you a work story. My boss came to me yesterday and asked if I wanted to be the building mayor. This is a semi-ridiculous title that doesn’t come with it’s own house or giant novelty scissors. It basically means the same thing as taking the seat in the bulkhead of an airplane: it makes me in charge of the lives of my co-workers should an emergency occur. Today I had to go to “Active Shooter Training” in which we learned what to do should a person come in the office with a gun and start shooting. The officer who presided over the training did a great job and I really learned a lot, but one part of the presentation really stuck with me. We watched a surveillance camera video from the shooting in Columbine. It was very upsetting to see these two young men shoot their classmates while laughing and making jokes. It was upsetting to see young men and women scream and duck under tables only to be told to “shut up” and then shot with a shotgun three times. This short three minutes of video traumatized me. It made me think about the individuals and families that actually went through that hell. My prayers ever since have been focused on them. I hurt for them, I really do. Them and all of the people who have had to go through such things. Can you imagine that happening in your children’s schools? In your hometown? To people you knew? It’ll really bum you out if you let it.

But don’t worry, there is much more hope and love in the world than hate. That is what is great about Christmastime. All of that love and joy come to the surface. That is, if you don’t count Black Friday.

On that note, to bring up the mood here at the end, I have a better picture of our tree.And a random dog picture.He always gives me that look.

Love you all.


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  1. You may not like this, but I like “yogurt bowls” for lunch. Greek non-fat yogurt, fruit, and nuts. You get protein to help you make it through the afternoon. I eat plain Greek yogurt and put a little protein powder or agave or just a lot of fruit to sweeten it up. Sometimes I also add a small spoon full of nut butter.

    Another good lunch this time of year is healthy soups such as Progesso lentil soup.

    I also like carrots or apples with peanut butter or hummus.

    You could make an entree such as Mama Pea’s lasagna on the weekend and portion it out into individual servings for the week.

    • I really like those ideas. I think I have been stale for a while because we haven’t really cooked a lot lately. We have been running and trying to make it to payday so we haven’t had the chance. I am going to try the yogurt thing. That sounds scrumptious. Truly.

      That was a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang reference.

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