The Sweet Tooth Challenge

We went to visit our good friends the Grays yesterday.

Heather (as I’ve said before) has been put on bed rest so we try to go over and help and keep her company when we can. We brought food for McAlister’s. This is what was left of my lunch because I was too busy stuffing to do any snapping. I got the veggie sandwich on pita. It had cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, roasted peppers and some sort of cheese. I had asked for the cucumbers to be removed because, as diligent readers will know, I have extreme disdain for them. Just thinking that the little, slimy things were releasing their disgusting juices on the rest of my sandwich almost made me throw it away. Thankfully, the pita redeemed the sandwich, which is weird because when mom used to make us sandwiches in pita pockets I thought they were the worst thing ever. Go figure.

We took Max with us so that he could get his butt sniffed by some ladies instead of the Gawain-the-drool-fountain. He had procured some of the ladies toys, which didn’t sit well with the dachshund, Tori. She went into her begging routine, hoping that her toy would be returned. That made my day, so I had to share it with you guys. Incidentally, Tori barely left Heather’s lap the entire time we were there. She has gotten very protective of Heather and the babies, that aren’t even born yet! It amazes me how dogs know this stuff.

Last night we went over to Nikki’s mom’s for dinner. We had salads. That’s a terrible photo. I usually don’t like iceberg lettuce (I think it reminds me of the sinking of the Titanic and how that iceberg totally ruined Jack and Rose’s whirlwind, sex-in-an-old-car romance), but this was much better than anything else I could have eaten. I had blue cheese dressing. I know that wasn’t a good choice, and I am really trying to do better as far as dressing goes. I should probably be using vinaigrette and getting it on the side. I really want to work on making better choices, but this one is very hard. It is so easy to trick yourself into thinking “I’m getting a salad, I can get ranch. Why not?” It’s the old “eat one broccoli floret with your ribeye and a side of fries” eating healthy argument. I actually use this a lot on Nikki, who is so exasperated by just dealing with me daily that she gives in. “Nikki, I ate five baby carrots for lunch, can I have a Reese’s BIG CUP King Size?” “Whatever, just quit poking me in the face while I’m trying to sleep.” I thank God daily that she usually laughs at my need to constantly annoy her.

I read about this challenge on the blog From Cow to Wow and thought it was an excellent idea. I am going a little extreme on mine because this is a really big weakness of mine. I am going to give up these things starting tomorrow and going to January 2nd:

  1. All carbonated beverages. I will be drinking water, juice made via spinning wheel of death, or tea.
  2. All desserts. It’s better to abstain than pants-strain
  3. Chips, pretzels, etc. that I would usually eat with my work lunch. These can easily be replaced with apple slices or baby carrots.
  4. I guess everything else sort of fits in the “all desserts” category. I’m talking candy, ice cream, chocolate, cake, muffins (cake), and anything that ends in an -oodle.
Naturally, since I am starting this tomorrow, I have written this post riding the high of Mountain Dew and Oreo Cream Pie.
All prayers will be appreciated.
P.S. I know I said yesterday that I would post about our cooking debacle, but it actually hasn’t occurred yet. Look for that post on the day after Thanksgiving. 

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