Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

A funky smell was coming from my fridge. I had done it. The quintessential privileged American faux pas. I had let food ruin.

For some reason, I bought enough produce to juice every day last week, and I only juiced once. I can blame it on getting busy, or being lazy, but I just didn’t do it. I decided that I needed to go ahead and juice everything I had before it could ruin. It made this much juice:And this much mess: For some reason this reminds me of Templeton from Charlotte’s Web.

I have decided that I really hate juicing. The fantasy of mass destruction no longer interests me. I will continue to do it for the health benefits, and continue to hate it for the cleanliness detriments. Did I use that correctly?

On Sunday, my mom, brother and sister-in-law came over for lunch. We made our own pizzas.This one was made by my mom and Sam. It had peppers and onions, 1/2 of it had small turkey pepperoni, five cheese Italian (that is what the bag said) and tomato basil goat cheese. It was very good. This is the one that Brandon made, which I have christened “the 20 cheese pizza” (sorry I didn’t get a picture before it got in the oven. But look at the pretty colors!). He slathered cream cheese on the crust, then put the five cheese Italian on there, then the tomato basil goat cheese. Then when the pizza came out he put parmesan on the top. It was, in a word, awesome. Here’s my plate:I also had some pop-chips, which are air popped. They are quite good, but they didn’t taste like I thought they would. Mom had made some oatmeal-type cookies and brought these pita chips for dessert. This is how much I liked them:Just so you guys don’t worry: I didn’t eat the whole bag. Brandon killed most of it.

Later that night, Max, Gawain and I continued to batch-it by watching some football.We made it through about half of the third quarter of the Ole Miss vs. LSU game before finally giving up and watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader reality show. You’d think I watch it for the scantily clad ladies, but Nikki will tell you that I am much more interested in the drama of it all.

Thanksgiving week has been great. A lot of lounging and Zelda playing. Hope yours is great as well! We are cooking a dessert for my family get together and I will post on what becomes of that debacle tomorrow. Until then-watch a Woody Allen movie. I recommend Sleeper. 


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  1. “A debacle”????? Way to think positive there.

    Don’t feel bad. You couldn’t pay me to juice. I hate making anything in the food processor or blender just because of the clean up.

  2. So, yes, juicing kinda stinks. But, we started using the juice bits in our compost heap for next summer’s garden (vegetable, flower, what have you). It’s a great way to put it to good use after you’ve made the mess, and if they’re organic, you’ll have organic compost for your own vegetables! We usually put a Kroger bag under the juiced bits so it all goes into the bag and is easy to transport outside.

    • And, you don’t have to have a fancy compost bin. Last year I just used some chicken wire and two wooden stakes to hold the compost in a tube-like form. This year I found a compost bin for super cheap at Sam’s.

    • I use a Kroger bag too. I really want to know more about composing. What’s a good reference guide? I have a book called Gaia’s Garden that I am reading to figure out how to make my own garden. I have been lazy about it.

      • I just starting reading on the internet about it, using the google machine. A blogger that I follow started composting which was my inspiration. Her website is She actually might be interesting for you to read about – she is all about being body positive. I’ve read her blog for years, and she has gone through so many diets and has struggled with her weight, and she is now at a point where she is more about health than losing weight – pretty inspirational.

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