Great Grin, Double Chin

This is the scale in the bathroom at work. And yes, someone posted a Garfield comic above it that shows him getting on a digital scale that then says “Great googly moogly”. It is…off-putting.

I wonder, when I weigh myself, if everyone in the office can hear the heavy clunk-clunk that’s made when I maneuver the big black weights to 300. I wonder if they hear the sigh I make when I realize that I’m not finished. Friday, the scale said I weigh 304. At the beginning of the week my scale said I weigh 301. I realize that I should really not weigh myself on a different scale. I usually just weigh on Mondays on the one at home. I should keep to that. Though, I do wonder if the scale pictured above is more accurate.

The reason it probably is accurate is that I have already participated in two Thanksgiving meals! I was invited back to the Thanksgiving meal at my previous employers on Friday. I tried to make responsible choices, but it is hard when you don’t really know what are in the “vegetable” sides. I think I did alright, but I am going to have to make up for that this weekend and in the week ahead. I am definitely going to be juicing every day because I have all the time in the world. Which reminds me – I’m off next week! Yesterday I had cued up Tears for Fears’ “Head over Heels” to play as soon as I cranked up my truck at the end of the day. It was downright cinematic. I Donnie Darko’d the place. I really love my job (well, maybe more “like my job as a friend”), but having nine days off is very exciting. Nikki and I are going to try to get the house in order and blah, blah, blah, but the main reason I am excited for next week is that this is coming out:Yeah, I am a Zelda fanatic. I’ll be helping Nikki during the day and playing Zelda into the night. I am going to do my best to come up with some interesting posts next week and I will try to post at least every other day.

If I don’t see you again, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


6 responses

  1. I think “Donnie Darko’d it” should become a new trend. My boss tried to get me to mark an “x” on the board either by fear or love after having me read a random scenario about a kid cheating on a math test. I tried to explain to her the whole spectrum of emotion thing but she didn’t get it. Yeah, I Donnie Darko’d it.

  2. Did you like Twilight Princess for Wii? Winn is an original Zelda fanatic, having replayed and won it several times when we bought a Wii and downloaded the original game. But with Twilight Princess there were so many stops and starts with the characters telling you what to do it seemed like a tutorial the whole time. What say you, Zelda fanatic?

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