And Pippin was his Name-O

Yesterday was the most dreaded day of the quarter for my two dogs – wash day. I say quarter because Nikki and I are both incredibly lazy when it comes to washing the dogs so we avoid it as long as possible. Since it was doggie wash day we decided to eat baked potatoes for a quick and easy dinner. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have to show you because I forgot to take a picture of them unwrapped. You’d think I was going for something artsy since the front one is partially unwrapped, but really I just said “screw it” after I burned my finger trying to unwrap it.

While the potatoes were baking I took Gawain out to play frisbee. He is a lot more manageable in the tub after he has had some exercise. While Gawain was retrieving the frisbee and I was reading Hunger Games on my truck’s tailgate, the fifth member of our family jumped up to pay a visit. I realized I forgot to tell you guys about Pippin, our outside cat. He is by far my favorite furry family member because he requires almost zero maintenance. We set him up a nice bed and a kitty door in the shed and he comes and goes as he pleases. We put food out for him, but occasionally he’ll bring us a front porch gift of a frog, a mole, a bird and one time a squirrel. It upset me to see the dead squirrel, but I was also proud of Pippin’s hunting prowess. I taught him absolutely nothing he knows. In this picture he is warily eyeing Gawain who, upon first sign of Pippin, will chase him mercilessly. It really fulfills the stereotype. To brag on him again, Pippin is wily enough to lead Gawain to situations he can’t escape. Like the time he slid under our neighbor’s barbed wire fence and Gawain ran into it full speed. That resulted in the yelping fit of the century.

After frisbee time we proceeded to the nail cutting portion of the evening. I really wish I could get a picture that does this justice. This is the best I shot. Basically, Nikki has to straddle Gawain while I try to (quickly) cut his nails. He absolutely hates this, and has ever since he was a puppy. We don’t know why, he just does not dig it. He really doesn’t even let us touch his paws without growling. I hope Nikki doesn’t mind me telling this: one time he got so upset while we were doing it that he peed on her. We have tried everything to calm him down, but it doesn’t work. Alas, his nails must be cut. Does anyone have any expertise in this area they can share? I hate to see him so upset, but he could have problems with his paws if we let his nails grow too long.

After his mani-pedi Gawain got the fancy oatmeal shampoo treatment that led to this gratuitously cute photo:I wanted to have juice for breakfast this morning so I went ahead and juiced everything last night then stored it in a Nalgene bottle in the refrigerator until this morning. I thought it was really crazy how the different juices separated in the bottle. I am sure there is some science to that. I wondered if I might be losing some nutritional benefit by refrigerating it overnight. Does anyone know? I really don’t have time in the mornings to juice everything and I can’t juice for lunch (because I am at work) or supper (because that is the only meal Nikki and I share). Any suggestions?



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  1. Twiggy turns into a different dog when we clip her nails. It is scary. Winn has to put on a glove and hold her muzzle closed, or she will draw blood. I feel your pain, yet I have no idea how to fix it except with tranquilizer darts. Also, I love your cat’s name. Is his full name Peregrin?

    I have heard that juice should be consumed immediately, and I’ve also heard that it can keep. I will say that one time I juiced some broccoli (along with other stuff), kept it overnight, and it smelled awful in the morning, even more awful than the night before! I’d suggest looking in your owner’s manual or in a recipe book about whether or not to keep certain kinds.

    • His full name is Peregrin, although he doesn’t have any papers. It is all in my mind. Doesn’t Twiggy have black nails? Gawain has the see through kind and they are still hard to tell. I drew blood on him last night and felt awful. Now he is going to be even worse to clip.

      I did not know you could juice broccoli and that sounds very disgusting.

  2. Everyone says to drink it right after for the most nutritional value (an when the enzymes are at there peek). While I’m sure this is true my recipe of spinach, carrots, apples, lemon & ginger has been kept in the fridge for up to two or three days as I do take it for lunch & break when I’m at work an on a juice fast for a few days. So if your well read and a expert you will say I’m wrong for doing this; but it is better that saying I can’t do it and get hunger and eat something I should not. So I am satisfied in the fact that what is left in my drink if far more healthy that any processed or pasteurized drink I could buy. Some veggies will not keep as well so I would say this is not the rule but overnight is not going to hurt anything most of the time. Juicing is tiresome when done everyday (an especially every meal) an will make you want to give up so I am resign to doing it every other day and making enough to last during that time.

    • Thanks Dad. I agree with you that it is definitely very tiring. I feel almost lazy for saying that, but it makes such a mess! And you have to tear down the juicer every time and clean it or there will be a biology experiment waiting for you in the morning. I knew you told me you juiced for the week so I was hoping to get your input. I think I agree with you and just say that it is definitely more healthy than anything else I was going to eat that day.

  3. 1. cutest doggie bath picture ever!
    2. We haven’t gotten Dug’s nails done yet, but we take Pepper to PetSmart for her mani-pedi. The first time we took her for a clip she bit the groomer and had to be muzzled. Apparently Corgi’s are sensitive about their paws…who knew? Last time we took her the groomer looked at her and back to me with complete terror in her eyes and said, “If I remember correctly, Pepper isn’t exactly…fond of getting her nails done, is she?” She then asked if she could try grinding them instead of clipping them and I told her sure, why not and Pepper was so good about it! I was able to watch her sit there and just hand her paw over to the lady. She had to be petted for her back left paw, but not held down by any means. I could almost hear the angels singing. From now on nails will be ground, not clipped!
    3. When we lived on 5 acres our cat spent most of her time outside chasing rabbits and chipmunks but now that we have moved into the city she is stuck inside with us and only gets to go out into the yard when the dogs go wee. Pippin is beautiful. Someday I will have a cat just like him and he will be my cat named Cat. (Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my favorite 🙂

    • Thank you Katie! I appreciate your comments. Does your cat (stuck inside all the time) get into any mischief? Or did you have her de-clawed?

      That is a good tip about the grinding. We have a lady who grooms Max that tried to grind his nails and he was not having it. I think he snapped at her too. Now I have to hold him while she clips his nails. But, now that you say that I might have to take Gawain to her and see how he reacts. I just don’t want to traumatize the poor guy anymore.

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