Think, boys! THINK!

Baby, it’s cold outside.My wife always makes fun of me for doing this, but it keeps you toasty. And tick free!

I know this is going to sound incredibly rude, but this morning someone would not stop yammering about nothing, so I started humming a soft orchestral number. I was basically trying to play them off like they spoke over time at an awards show. She kept trying to talk over it so I put on my announcer voice and said “Up next: Sally Field gives the award for Best Supporting Actress!” She paused, puzzled. When she tried to start up again I said “we’ve gone to commercial” and turned my back on her.

When I started my journey I only wanted to be healthier. It wasn’t about weight loss, just giving my body what it needs. I know that eventually I will have to implement exercise as a daily routine. It is an important part of making a healthier me and I need to stop the insanity and blah, blah, blah. I eventually plan to try the couch to 5k program my friend Blair spoke about in her blog, but for starters I am dusting off the WiiFit. All the following pictures aren’t the best, but they’re taken from my tv screen so just go with it. This…didn’t amaze me at all. For the past 645 days the Wii Balance Board has just been that thing I keep bumping into when I retrieve the vacuum cleaner. First up was a body test, or the Wii’s way of shaming you. Every time you do this your Mii starts out skinny then the arrow clicks up the status bar and the Mii gets fatter. When it reaches obese, a tuba plays and the games says “that’s obese” just to nail in the point. I decided to check my weight next.I lost 21.8 pounds in that 645 days! That made me feel good.

I promised Nikki I would include this photo:She kept up with it for 68 days after I quit last time. So, bully for her. I’m sure I was doing more important things like wearing sweatpants and not shaving.

I decided to dive back into my favorite exercise:

the thing where you march on the board and move the controls to throw a baton in the air. For some reason I am a pro at this. I know what you’re thinking: this is really low impact exercise. But, hey, it’s fun and Harold Hill did this for a living and he was quite skinny. Perhaps I should apply the “think” system to my weight loss. Eh, I’ll think about it.




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