Friendly, ain’t they?

The other day we went to visit our friends the Grays.

Heather Gray is pregnant with twins. They are due sometime the first of the year (Nikki would know the exact day) and she has already been put on bed rest. She can only get up to take a shower, to go to the restroom or to go to the doctor. Since Heather can’t go to church, our Sunday school class decided to have a bible study at her house.

I told everyone I would lead the bible study this time because I had read this on Donald Miller’s blog and saw a good study for the three expectant mothers in our group. The bible study was about inviting God into all parts of our lives and seeing parenting as a spiritual practice.

The most important part of the night was the food! We are Southern Baptists so we have to eat at every get together. My friends love me so much they wrote EWW…on my dixie cup. Hilarious!

The culinary options were white chili and vegetable soup. I chose the latter, although vegetable soup here always has meat in it. I also had some incredible cornbread.

Either way, it was quite good. Nikki and I were in charge of dessert. I wanted to make Double Chocolate, Single Chin brownies from the Peas and Thank You cookbook, but since Nikki and I were sick we settled on Edward’s pies. I know, I know. They are over processed, full of sugar and naturally delicious. I only had one piece and the leftovers stayed with Heather and Tracy.

I am very encouraged by the love of my fellow Sunday school members. When we heard that Heather was on bed rest we immediately set into motion ways we could take care of them. Actually, our whole church has gotten behind them. They have always been there for us too. They care enough to ask me about what I can eat before we get together. When I asked Madison if her vegetable soup had meat in it she said “Well, I can make you your own serving!” I assured her she didn’t have to, but it really made me feel good that she cared enough to even say it. That is what keeps me going on the hard days, knowing that there are people that love me and support me.

Tomorrow I am going to talk about my least favorite thing in the world: Exercise.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I had taken pictures for this post but they mysteriously vanished off my phone. I blame it on the McRib


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