Grown-up Problems

Yesterday was a big day for me.Uncharted 3 came out.

I went to pick up my copy during lunch. I have to brag on myself a little because I had packed my lunch but I didn’t have a drink. I was heading to Chick-fil-A to get a drink when I thought “I could get fries too, that wouldn’t be too bad”. Then I veered into the Belk parking lot and said “No! That is a slippery slope!” That small victory made me feel good.

I pulled into my regular spot in the Belk parking lot.I love this spot because the shade is perfect. This is the view from my driver’s side window:Beautiful.

I was sitting there, holding Uncharted, thinking “I could take the rest of the day off. I don’t really have a lot to do today” and trying to talk myself into an enjoyable PS3 filled afternoon. Then a voice inside me said “you’re a grown-up. You have responsibilities.” The voice kept repeating this mantra in a low hum throughout my lunch. “That’s right,” I finally said and went back to work with a sigh.

The wife and I arrived home later and I was giddy. I knew there were only a few more obstacles in my path to Uncharted. I had to play frisbee with Gawain. I had to wash a few loads of our “good” clothes. I had to eat dinner (or “game fuel”). Nikki put dinner together while I ticked the other duties off the list. We had my sister-in-law’s Five Cheese White Pizza.

You can go to the link to get the recipe, but here are a few shots Nikki took of the process:Making the sauce in the food processor. The sauce applied to the crust. We chose to use some small pre-made pizza crusts. This is not the most healthy option. I am sure that you could make your own crust out of healthier ingredients to really make this meal nutritious. But, like I said, time was of the essence.In the oven. You have to cook the pizzas with just sauce on them for a little while to bring the flavor out. I know this picture is blurry but I wanted to include it because it looks like the pizzas are in some German industrialist night club with neon purple lighting.Applying the rest of the cheese. Nikki was already in her pajamas because she knew I would playing video games soon and she would be bored and sleeping soon.The finished product.Plated, with a little parmesan cheese. Since when is five cheeses enough?Happy plate.Happy Evan.Happy Nikki.

We have this thing that we do with our covers when it’s cold called “cocooning”. It is when your very loving spouse takes the extraneous cover and stuffs it all under your body. This effectively seals out all unwanted drafts. The only problem is once one spouse is cocooned, the other has to cocoon themselves which is never as effective. I am currently trying to train Gawain to cocoon, but this usually just results in a cold dog nose on my already cold legs.

This morning that voice had to come to the rescue again “you are a grown-up. You have responsibilities.”



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    • It is really awesome, like playing an Indiana Jones movie. I escaped from a French chateau that was burning down this morning and I was just in awe the whole time. I think I even said under my breath “this is so awesome”.

      Tell me more about Rocksmith.

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