Fluffy’s down…again

Yesterday was OK.

I juiced all the produce that was left for breakfast, ate a peanut butter sandwich, pretzels and a Larabar for lunch. This Larabar to be exact:I am not a huge fan of walnuts, but this was very tasty. I think Larabars could become my new Reese’s cups. That would be a very good thing.

Well, I wish that wasn’t the end of my healthy eating for yesterday, but it is. Nikki was approached by her principal yesterday and offered a History teaching position that starts next semester. Next semester. As in, January. She had to give an answer by this morning so we hurried home after work to talk and pray about this decision. Since we were preoccupied…and there was a big pot of taco meat in the fridge…we had tacos again. Well, she had tacos. I actually mixed the meat with some queso and ate it with chips. I think I took advantage of the situation to make a bad choice. We had all of the items necessary to put together a healthy meal, but neither of us felt like cooking.

Well after a long night of talking, praying and burping, she decided to take the job. History is what she has always wanted to teach and she took her current position hoping to transition into History eventually. This was definitely a blessing.


I showed you guys a picture of the huge candy bowl stationed at the front of our office. Since my cubicle is close to the front I can hear people take from this bowl all day. The past few days I have heard their interactions and it has really made me think about our emotions and how they dictate our food choices.

I know what you’re thinking.

Here he goes again! Please bear with me.

Everyone who took a piece of that candy had something cute to say: “These go straight to my hips” “I know this is bad for me, but I just can’t resist!” “Someone needs to hide this bowl” “My favorites are Snickers (as she plunges her hand into the bowl and touches all the candy until she finds two or three Snickers)”. Why did they feel they had to say something? Were they ashamed of what they were doing? Maybe a little, but they still scarfed down those tiny tidbits before they even made it back to their desks. I think they say things to excuse themselves from judgement. The thought process is “If that person knows that I know what I am doing is bad for me, then they won’t think less of me and stop being my friend”. This reaction reminds me of how a child will act when a parent has told them not to do something, like push the cat off the couch. When the cat jumps back up the child will walk towards it slowly, watching the parent’s reaction. “You better not push that cat off the couch,” the parent says but the child still slowly creeps forward and ultimately pushes the cat off the couch. This results in a spanking, timeout, etc. If the child knew he would get punished, why did he still push the cat? Because he was testing the parent’s boundaries.

I think we do this with food also. Eating candy feels good. It gives us a rush of energy and it tickles our taste buds. We also know that it is bad for us, so there is a level of danger. So we eat a crap load of it and test the boundaries of our body. Bad food tastes good, so I’ll just eat a lot of it and face the punishment. Only this punishment is disease, poor quality of life and even death.

It’s about time that I stop testing the boundaries of my body and draw a line in the sand. Sure, sometimes I will step over it like last night with the queso. It will take hard work to get back to the other side of the line, but in the end my body will thank me.

Where will your boundary lie? Personally my goal is a size 36 pant. Haven’t seen those since junior high.


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