Get thee behind me Reese’s

I decided to reintroduce the cucumber to my morning juice. In this concoction: a heap of spinach, a good bit of Kale, three apples, three carrots, half a cucumber, three celery stalks and 1/2″ of ginger root. This was the final result:I should work on those cuticles.

This was not utterly disgusting and all of the other flavors really killed the cucumber so I am glad I put it back in. To be honest though, I did not finish the entire thing. I was SO close when I started retching and was also being pushed toward the shower by a usually very punctual wife. My produce was reaching the end of it’s life-cycle so I tried to dump it all in this juice. I feel rejuvenated after a semi-horrible weekend that led to a zero weight loss weigh in this morning.

Friday night was lock-in night for our church youth group. Nikki is very involved with the youth group so the girls had their lock-in at the Williams house! That also meant that I had to (gleefully) flee the residence, so I went to help with the boys lock-in at a hunting cabin out in the woods. You know what that means: hamburgersOh, and here is a look at what dripped off those hamburgers:Can’t imagine how much of that is still working around my insides. There was also chips, dips, cookies, cake, and soft drinks. Needless to say, there were many “successful failures” this weekend. Add to that the fact that I came home to a refrigerator full of left over taco meat and junk food and you have a very unhealthy eating weekend.

The lock-ins aside I have had so many temptations in the past week. The kids from the campus nursery school came by and trick or treated so we bought a bunch of candy in anticipation. The cute kiddies came and went and this was left:I have to pass it several times a day and every time it is like Satan pokes me in the ribs. I have yet to partake so I can boast of one victory! I hear my co-workers come up all throughout the day and dig through there and take what they want. Some even come back several times throughout the day! I want so bad to plead with them. “Please don’t do this! You know that is about 500 calories that do nothing for you! They are killing you!” I told Nikki yesterday that watching other peoples food choices is like watching them hold a knife to their chest and push it deeper with each bite. I can do nothing about it. I am heavier than some of them; who am I to tell them how to eat? Especially when I don’t have a handle on it myself.

How do you deal with these temptations? Should I have packed my own dinner before I went to the lock-in? Also, how do you show others that you generally care about them without being a complete jerk? I really think there is no easy way to talk to people about their food choices. I tend to think that the only way to handle it is wait for them to come to you. It just feels so negligent on my part. I am very interested in your feelings on this matter. Please let me know in the comments.

I’m off to eat my peanut butter sandwich and cast hateful glances towards the donuts someone left in the break room. Until tomorrow!


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  1. I sincerely think that you cannot talk to other people about their food choices unless they solicit your advice. Even then it’s a tricky situation. No one will make good food choices until he/she is ready to do it for himself/herself. It’s the same as with any kind of addiction. You can’t force someone to stop doing that which can kill them unless he/she is ready to do it. At that point you can offer support (which is not the same as giving advice). The only person you have control over is yourself.

    As to dealing with temptations, I don’t think you have to pack your own meal when you go to something like the lock-in (unless you want to, that is). However, you can make the healthiest decisions given the food that is present. For example, a hamburger without a bun or a hamburger with a bun but no calorie-laden condiments (cheese, mayo, etc.). If you feel you must have chips, have just a few of the least caloric. Pass on the sweets.

    That’s my two cents worth. ONLY BECAUSE YOU ASKED.

    • That was worth more than two cents! Yeah, I thought maybe packing my meal might be a bit much. I did ok on the hamburger although I did have it with cheese. So, ok meaning I only ate one. The sweets are always my achilles heel.

  2. I totally agree with your mom, Evan. You can’t really talk to other people about their food choices or any other poor choices. I still have one of those unhealthy addictions, and I would beat someone with a stick (just kidding) if they tried to talk with me about how bad it is for me (because I already know and I get defensive as most people would). Making a change has to come from within! I’m glad you’ve gotten hold of that notion! You’re much stronger than me!

    • Well, I am still trying to quit soft drinks so I wouldn’t label me that strong. I figured there was no possible way to talk to people about their bad food habits, but I just wish there was some way to do it lovingly and not be judgmental. Seems to be a lost cause though.

      • One way you can really make a difference without saying a word is setting an example. It will be noticed, I promise you.

        And eating just one hamburger is a big victory. Hooray for you.

  3. You are right – setting an example can be hard, too, and and make you seem judgmental. I rarely drink alcohol any longer, just because I’ve decided it isn’t worth the calories, but I don’t judge others who do. Some people, however, are incredibly uncomfortable drinking when I’m having just sparkling water, which makes me feel badly for them, but not enough that I’ll put them at ease by compromising my own decision and health.

    I can imagine that bringing a huge plate of cut-up veggie and fruit to a church lock-in would have gone over like a lead balloon with most teenage boys, but I think it can be nice to bring something healthy to share in case anyone else would appreciate it.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Andie! This part really resonated with me: “which makes me feel badly for them, but not enough that I’ll put them at ease by compromising my own decision and health”. That was exactly what I was doing by eating a hamburger. I was so worried about what they were thinking or feeling that I put my own health at risk.

      Just an aside-I really love your blog! You are a great writer.

      • Thanks for the compliment. I’m a better writer than eater, but I’m learning. 🙂 Actually, I’m a great eater, very accomplished, in fact, but healthy eating … well … I have to build a better track record on that front.

        I’m glad I came across your blog, too. Good luck with changing your eating habits. I know *just* how hard it is to say no to meat in the south, and the sticker shock of switching to new foods. You’ll get the hang of it.

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