A Fistful of Spinach

This morning I used an Equal packet to unstick my nickel in the Coke machine. I thought this was very ironic. Which led to then think about my drinking problem. I am addicted to Coke and it must stop. To think that I give my wife a hard time for drinking coffee! Mine is ten times worse. I imagine myself one day on the A & E show Intervention but instead of my family it will be all my internal organs that intervene.

We had to rush out of the house early this morning so I didn’t have time to juice, but I didn’t want to eat toast because I planned a sandwich for lunch. There I was, 5:20 in the morning, scouring the pantry and refrigerator for something to eat for breakfast. We had oats, but I had no time to make oatmeal. I should have made overnight oats, but Wednesday night church got me all out of whack and Nikki and I just came home and went to bed after. For some reason I lingered on some dry beans. I don’t know what I thought I was going to do with them, but I lingered. Finally, I came to the following decision:Two carrots. My thinking here was that my lunch didn’t have any vegetables (PB sandwich, pretzels and Cookie Dough Larabar) and I don’t know exactly what I am having for dinner because we are trying a new place with my mom. I looked in the vegetable drawer and saw cucumbers, celery, kale, ginger root, spinach and carrots. Maybe I should have tried a fistful of spinach. I just thought two carrots would be more portable.

I thought I would take the rest of this blog post to tell you a little more about myself. I work at the University of Mississippi in the Procurement Services department. My official job title is Procurement Assistant and I work with Accounts Payable. Here is what you see when you walk in our front door:We enjoy Halloween. The process of hanging those witches (which required me, the resident giant) was like a Benny Hill sketch.

I spend eight hours a day sitting in a cubicle and entering payments into a computer. Here’s my cozy cubicle:There isn’t a ton of privacy so you basically hear everything that everyone is doing. Mostly what I hear are very deep sighs. You know the kind of sigh where you know the person is reevaluating their life’s decisions and wondering how they ended up here? Yeah, I hear that at least fifteen times a day. Thankfully I have a happy corner that keeps me from sighing.It features Winnie the Pooh holding a butterfly (this seriously makes me smile every time I see it), a monkey my friend brought me from South Africa, pictures of my wife and niece and nephew and the best thing that ever came out of Hobby Lobby:My wife spends hours in Hobby Lobby every time we go, which means I have to meander. I came upon this cross-stitching pattern and my wife lovingly agreed to make it for me.

My job isn’t particularly stimulating, but I really like it. I am treated well, appreciated and I get to bring home money that allows my wife and I to eat. That’s never a bad thing. I consider myself quite blessed when I think about all the people who can’t find work. Also, the down time allows me to write informative and incredibly entertaining blog posts for you guys.

Have a great Thursday!


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