Yesterday was a pretty trying day at work. My will power was weakened so I was kind of upset when I picked Nikki up at school and she was chipper. “Have a good day, did you?” I asked a little harshly. “Super duper!” she said with a grin and slight hop. “Oh….ok, good.” I said with a half smile. She looked at me quizzically and then said “We can go eat where you want to honey.” “I am glad you said that because I was thinking it would be a good day for a pizza, a pint (of Ben and Jerry’s) and some Mountain Dew.” This is labelled the “Unholy Trinity” in nutritional circles and lands at an “almost definite” on the Barometer of Bariatric Surgery.

I came to the stop sign and I had two options. Left to the supermarket or right towards home. After a few agonizing seconds I went right. A small victory, yes, but a sweet one. Dinner that night was going  to be my sister-in-law’s recipe for Five Cheese White Pizza.

As soon as we unlock the front door to the house the dogs shoot out like lightning. Max goes to use the restroom. Gawain, however, has something else on his mind. That boy loves to play frisbee. So much so that I have to tell him to go to the bathroom or he will pee standing on the carport just so he doesn’t miss me coming outside with the red disc in my hand. I was happy to oblige him this form of exercise because I had SO many clothes to wash (our laundry room is outside. In fact its that blue door in the right of the picture) and because Gawain is ridiculously hard to walk. It is all worth it when you get to see this: Plus, whenever I throw the frisbee I play that song from the beginning of Flight of the Navigator in my head.

As Gawain and I became thoroughly exhausted (I tend to shuffle back and forth while I wait for him to return. It’s a very catchy song) my phone started ringing. Why, it was my good friend Caleb from last Thursday’s post. He was inviting us to dine at Pizza Hut. Willpower don’t fail me now. Actually, since I know I don’t have any Willpower I usually lean on Nikkipower. “Honey, Caleb is inviting us to Pizza Hut. What do you want to do?” I could see, in her eyes, the same thought process I had when I came to the stop sign at her school. “I really want to go to Pizzahut,” she finally said. So we went and enjoyed our time with friends.

What would you do in this situation? What is the best way to enjoy this time with friends while maintaining your healthy lifestyle? I think Pizza Hut may have a salad bar, but I couldn’t see it. The truth is, I don’t want to eat salad when my friends are eating pizza. But I know that I won’t be able to stop once I’ve started, and that is exactly what happened last night.

The book I spoke of yesterday, Thrive, talks a lot about how the food you eat affects every inner process of your body. It also steals your excess energy to aid in digestion. Since reading this I have tried to pay attention to how the food I eat affects me physically. After eating too much pizza I had a heavy, slow feeling. Also, my head started throbbing and it was hard to think. Feelings like this, more than anything else, motivate me to eat better. To aid rather than hinder. To build anew rather than repair.

The worst side effect from the pizza was the insomnia. I did not get any sleep last night. As I was tossing and turning I felt a gentle nudge on my elbow. I thought my wife was suffering insomnia too so I turned to talk to her and found this:

Turn out that light and go to sleep!

So I did.

No one opposes Maximus. No one.


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  1. “What would you do in this situation? What is the best way to enjoy this time with friends while maintaining your healthy lifestyle?”

    First let me say that it was so refreshing to read that you had the willpower to take that right turn. As we’ve talked about before, good news like this encourages, inspires, and gives hope. When we make those bad decisions, like a drug addict after his next fix, then it destroys not only all those hopes of friends and family but destroys the addict as well. What I say next, I don’t mean harshly- I’m just trying to answer the question above. I think the question you have to ask yourself is did you really want to hang out with friends or just get pizza? If you really wanted to see your friends you could’ve met them afterwards and gone for a walk together, or coffee or something. When you decide to do something that is life-changing, you have to leave a lot of stuff behind, including your former life. Just as when you got married. Imagine the same question from your friends but instead they were asking you to leave behind your wife, as she was going through an emotional crisis, to go hangout and have fun. You would agree that your first priority is to your wife and to be there when she needs you. The same kind of things happens when you make a life-changing decision. You’ve committed yourself to this and you just have to avoid distractions. That’s not to say that you can’t hang out with your friends but maybe just to say that you and your friends need to understand that something different is going on and the same things we used to do can no longer be done. This reminds me of Matthew 16:21-23 where Peter tells Jesus that he shouldn’t be killed or handed over to the Jews and Jesus responds with, “Get behind me, Satan. You are a stumbling block to me”. Jesus was focused and knew what he needed to do here with his time on earth. As we grow we have to ask ourselves what we need to be doing while on earth and once we find serious conviction in whatever that is, we have to follow through even when friends innocently try to keep it from happening. Your friend and Peter alike were not doing anything wrong, I just use that verse to emphasize the importance of letting your friends know what needs to be done and then following through.

    • You know I tell myself that it is all about wanting to hang out with friends and not wanting to lose them and blah, blah, blah, but it boils down to the fact that I did just want pizza. That urge had not left me even though I turned right. I hope this post doesn’t make my wife or my friends look like the ones that led me down the wrong path because it was all me. Sometimes I lean too much on others to do the dirty work and make the hard decisions. Thank you for quoting that verse from Matthew, but I would argue that the Satan is actually me. That I need to tell myself to get behind and get out of the way of the Holy Spirit who is telling me I’m wrong.

      Great comment. Thanks Brandon!

  2. I ate Pizza Hut on Friday night, pan crust (my favorite, and the worst for you I’m sure). It was good. Don’t beat yourself up too much for one little trip to Pizza Hut! We’re human, after all, and I think God’s favorite buffet is Pizza Hut. That or Chinese.

    • Thank you Blair! I appreciate your encouragement. I try not to beat myself up, but it is so ingrained in me to fail that it is hard to believe I will ever succeed. But I do believe it. I just wish I could have gone to Pizza Hut and eaten a few less pieces. THAT would be a victory!

  3. There’s nothing wrong with going to Pizza Hut occasionally and having a SALAD and perhaps a couple of slices of pizza. However, it’s very important to know what your food triggers are and realizing you may have to avoid those things until you gain control over your eating.

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