Friends are Friends Forever

To all of you who are wondering what the bumps are on my pinky-thanks to helpful comments I have narrowed it down to poison oak/ivy or cancer. I think I’ll apply Calamine lotion and see what happens.

Today was a great day. The theme was catching up with friends. More on that later.

For breakfast I decided to try a new juice recipe. This one involved two carrots, two apples and a 1″ piece of ginger root. When all the beautiful destruction was complete this was the result:This combo was very refreshing, but too heavy on the ginger. It felt almost like drinking tabasco sauce. Not that I’ve ever done that on a dare or anything. Because my juice was very small I decided to supplement it with two pieces of 100% whole wheat toast. I coated one piece with cashew butter and the other with Earth Balance vegan margarine. This allowed me to coast safely to lunch.

I was really looking forward to lunch today because I got to catch up with some good old friends. My friend Skip Langley just moved back to town so we decided to go to our favorite local hang out: Handy Andy. They are famous for their barbecue but we always get cheeseburgers. What can I say? We’re trendsetters. Without any apology, in college Skip and I used to go to Handy Andy once a week. That may have directly contributed to my current weight issue. Eh! We’ll never know.

Since I hadn’t eaten much meat this week that hamburger really made the afternoon drag. It’s a good thing I had the Dinner Date of the Century to look forward to!

Caleb. I seriously love this man

That’s right friends, my favorite couple, the Easts, came over tonight! Nikki graciously made vegetarian lasagna for dinner and the Easts brought the bread and dessert. We watched old people tv (Wheel of Fortune) while the lasagna cooked.

His lovely wife Emily. Well, her shoulder at least

If the movie The Sixth Sense is to be believed I am pretty sure there is a ghost over that Wheel of Fortune contestant’s shoulder.

The lasagna was amazing and my absolute favorite thing happened during dinner: I proved Caleb East wrong. He said that he would never like fake meat yet there it was in his lasagna! All three helpings.That’s a picture of my plate. I couldn’t get close enough to Caleb’s to photograph it without a possible loss of limb. And that is definitely not parmesan cheese on my lasagna. It is grated “some nutritional vegetable”. Dessert was decidedly less healthy.

Look at the reflection on the pie cutter. Such artistry!

I certainly did not engulf the first piece. Nor did I shove the second piece in my mouth when I found that there were no more clean forks. After dessert we spent the next two hours watching Hocus Pocus. I have lost faith in the power of Halloween.

Instead of a cliffhanger, today I will leave you with an embarrassing tidbit about myself.I sometimes read bathroom magazines in the bed, but only after my wife has fallen asleep and is dreaming about my head on Hugh Jackman’s body. At least I hope my head is on his body. In truth I am probably their waiter at Olive Garden.

Good Night!


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