The Juice is Loose

I posted on Twitter that I would share last night’s dinner with you: Spanish Quinoa to the MAX. And here it is:I am sorry for the uninspired picture. The only camera I have right now is my cell phone. Hopefully that will change soon (I’m looking at you Santa). It is the Spanish Quinoa leftovers from the other night with a secret ingredient….a mound of CHEESE. I know I made a healthy dish decidedly less healthy, but I think (hope?) that the nutritional benefits are still grandiose compared to, say, a Double Quarter Pounder.

Nikki and I returned to Kroger last night (thanks to those angels I spoke about in yesterday’s post) and had a very fun and successful shopping trip. I realized that I was basically being way too emotional during my first shopping trip and buying fresh produce is a lot more affordable than I previously thought. To all my environmentally conscientious friends out there: I promise we have reusable shopping bags. We were just in a rush to leave the house in the morning (a side effect of rising early and then catching up on DVR until we’re late) and forgot them.

I went to bed excited for the morning. I was finally going to be able to try out my new juicer! I woke up with the alarm, which I almost never do, and got my produce ready.The recipe called for: 1 cup of spinach, 3 carrots, 3 stalks of celery, 1/2 a cucumber and an apple. Since not all of these fruits and veggies are organic, I had to wash them. I am sans vegetable brush at the moment so I washed my produce by putting them under hot water and rubbing vigorously with my hands. Slightly less effective than a brush, I think. Even more so because now I can’t remember if I washed my hands first. I will be getting a vegetable brush today. 

I think I have a future as a hairy forearm model.

Since our kitchen island doesn’t have any electrical outlets I had to use an extension cord, that traversed the huge watery mess I just made cleaning my vegetables, to plug in the juicer. I promised my wife I would only get a few dishes dirty during this process. Now I had to add one damp towel to my kitchen destruction list. Cue the exaggerated sigh from my photographer.

Look at that hand! What an action shot

This is my "excited by the destruction while being slightly grossed out by the results" pose.

Having never used a juicer before, I found the whole process weirdly exhilarating. I loved forcing the produce down the feeder tube and into the barbed wheel of death. Five minutes and a few maniacal chuckles later I had the following result:

It tasted awesome disgusting. I am not a huge fan of cucumbers, and boy did that taste come through. I have to be honest and tell you that I didn’t finish it all. I got very, very close though. My last chug resulted in my spitting some of it back out so i called it quits. I am not discouraged though. This is only one recipe amid hundreds of thousands of variations, so I will continue juicing. The worst side effect from this morning’s recipe is the burps. They taste like really bad BO. You know, when its so bad you can taste it?

The positives do outweigh the negatives in this case. I feel more energized this morning than I usually do. I don’t feel weighed down by what I ate for breakfast. It may be entirely mental, but I also feel more healthy. Right after I finished my breakfast my nose started running. I blew my nose and said “See Nikki, it’s already fixing me!” I really think the nose running bit has more to do with the weather changing, but she let me have my moment.

Now- to keep you coming back for more I have a cliffhanger. What on earth are these bumps on my pinky?!!


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  1. Just a hint of help; I rarely do a green juice that I don’t put apples and a lemon in. It will taste a lot better and override the bitter greens. Cucumbers and celery, those two taste will always come through, and I don’t like either one. There are more greens out there with just as much benefits if not more with out the side effects in taste. One more tip; find a couple of juice recopies you like that give you a healthy mix plus good taste (or a taste you can tolerate) and stick with them. There is nothing wrong with eating the same thing over and over if it’s good for you and easy as well. Trying to over plan each meal for the sake of not getting bored becomes work and then you wont to stop. We eat fast food at times because it’s easy an quick and fills our need; so find some quick easy and healthy food to eat or drink that will fill those cravings. I have been juicing the majority of my meals since July and I can honestly tell you this is the best I have felt in a very long time. So it is worth it; I promise. So keep it up and just find what you like to drink and stick with it. When I did the 29 days on day 3 or 4 I almost quit; but then I thought about all the money I had invested in the juicer and food to get started (that your mom bought) and I did not want to throw it all away as well as the chance to change and join my wife and for once be skinny for a while; I hope someday soon to join her. You can do it…..remember what Yoda said. Do or do not; there is no try!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I thought about throwing a lemon in there too, but I didn’t have one and I wasn’t sure how I would like that taste either. I have already decided not to juice but once a day, and even then probably only during the week. I am not discouraged, I will keep going until I find something I like. Thanks for your suggestions! I forgot to say that I actually found Kale at Kroger and it was only .99 a bunch. I think a lot of recipes use cucumbers because of the high juice yield, but I’m with you I just don’t like it. Do you have any recipes to share?

      • My main stay recipe is; a bag of carrots (I do buy organic carrots) a bag of apples, a bag of spinach (pre-washed) or greens / collards or kale (it’s a little to bitter at times), one lemon, a thumb size cut of ginger. This will make enough for me to take to work for two days. Apples, lemon and carrots give you a lot of juice for there size, greens not so much; so apples is always a good filler and they taste good to (and no doubt good for you and apple a day and all). Lately I have been juicing through the work week and eating veggies only, on the weekends. I do a fruit only smoothie in the mornings. during the week as well. And I also juice grapefruit and sometime grapes & apples for another juice treat. That is what I do most of the time.

  2. I don’t have any juicing advice since I don’t do it, but I will say that I really enjoyed your juicing humor. I chuckled out loud at my desk.

    I was going to reply to yesterday’s post that you could do just what you did with the quinoa. Instead of stressing yourself out about planning a new meal for everyday, look for things you can make that yield a couple of extra servings (or double the recipe) and then add a couple of ingredients to the leftovers and you have an entirely different dish. Also, I have a lot of cookbooks with healthy recipes that you can peruse the next Sunday we have lunch.

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